Each semester, the top 1-3 speakers are selected from each Washburn University public speaking course to represent their respective classes in this competition.

This semester's participants were: Sarah Campbell, Zach Evans, Ethan Nelson, Isabelle Pryor, Ross Harrop, Hannah Mitchell, Gordon Smith, Max Levasseur, Caroline Shipley, Logan Michael, Caroline Little, Olivia Medrano, Haley Hughes, Tristan Hahn, Alexus Robb, Luke Miller, Salma Arriaga-Lucio, Shanhai Zheng and Emma Biggs.

Congratulations, finalists!

Winning students
Finalists for this semester's competition are listed below, left to right, in their respective order of placing and with their respective topics:

  • Logan Michael - “The Pencil”
  • Max Lavasseur - "Fear of Clowns"
  • Eathan Nelson - "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy"
  • Robert Nall - Speak Off sponsor
  • Gordon Smith - "Changes"
  • Isabell Pryor - "Ballet"
  • Tristan Hahn - "Credit Scores"
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