Each semester, the top 1-3 speakers are selected from each Washburn University public speaking course to represent their respective classes in this competition. This semester's participants were:

Spring 2019 Nall Speak Off winners

Emily Foster, Hannah Kirby, Allison Johnson, Blythe Landon, Audrey Steves, Jamison Phelps, D’Mya Valdivia, Sada Branson, Claire Coultis, Beth Winkelman, Yebin Lim, Yuquing Liu, Youngouk Oh, Austin (Roman) Ruiz, Brad Mathewson, and Leyton Brunner

Finalists for this semester's competition are listed below in their respective order of placing and with their respective topics:

  • 1st place: Blythe Landon - "The Holocaust"
  • 2nd place: Hannah Kirby - "Ruth Bader Ginsburg”
  • 3rd place: Allison Johnson - "Polio"
  • 4th place: Audry Steves - "Identity Theft"
  • 5th place: Yuquing Liu - “Gender Inequality"
  • 6th place: Emily Foster - "Xenophobia”
  • Top high school student competitor was Claire Coultis from Topeka West.
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