Why an associate degree in computer programming at Washburn?

If you want to get to work quickly in the field of computer information sciences, the associate of arts is our fastest degree-path. This programming-focused program will give you the skills you need to contribute and from there you can continue to a four-year degree and beyond, or grow your skills on the job.
Career Forecast Bright OutlookAverage Salary $83,590on campus
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What sets CIS at Washburn apart?

  • Your specialized training in programming, with an exposure to networking, and skill-building in written and oral communication will make you an important part of a team.
  • Find your people on campus with the Student Computing Association.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to complete original research with faculty mentors, and present your research at a conference.
  • Scholarships are available for first-time students, transfer students, and continuing students in this program.
  • At Washburn the majority of students work. If you plan to continue on to your four-year degree while working full-time, your professors and peers will understand your responsibilities.

CAREER FORECAST: bright outlook

Student/faculty ratio


Qualities for success



Persistence and patience

Communication and collaboration 

Workforce ready fast

This two-year program means you can get to work quickly in the field. 

Computer Information Sciences at Washburn

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Computer Information Science

  • Our flagship degree. It is designed for students who desire a strong mathematical or science foundation for their degree.
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Data Science

  • This concentration is the best for you if you want to work with big data and analytics.
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Digital Forensics

  • This concentration is the best for you if you want to work as part of a crime lab team, or in cybersecurity.

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