Washburn can prepare you for study in engineering in a variety of ways.

You may choose to complete your core coursework at Washburn and then transfer to another institution. Or you can participate in the 3-2 program and earn two bachelor of science degrees. The first would come from Washburn and the second, in engineering, from either University of Kansas or Kansas State University.

In the 3-2 program, you will take three years of prescribed curriculum at Washburn and then transfer to Kansas State University or the University of Kansas. Upon completion of one year of prescribed work at either K-State or KU, named, you will earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Washburn. Upon completion of the requirements of the selected school, the appropriate engineering degree will be awarded by that school. Bachelor of Science candidates should meet with the chairperson of their major department no later than their third semester to complete a declaration of major form.

For more information, please contact Keith Mazachek, who is coordinator of the pre-engineering program.
Stoffer Science Hall, Room 210
(785) 670-2263

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