Secondary Education in History

For history majors who would like to teach, Washburn University offers a path to obtain your teaching license. If you want to teach at the secondary level, contact Dr. Rachel Goossen, who will serve as your advisor, to get started. 

In order to obtain a teaching license, you also must be formally admitted to the University's Professional Teacher Education Program. For admission requirements, consult Education in the University course catalog. Note: The state of Kansas sets requirements for Secondary Education Licensure and they may be subject to change. 

Curriculum outline for the U.S. history, U.S. government and world history program; 57 semester hours are required.

Core courses

HI 111 History of the U.S. I (3)

HI 112 History of the U.S. II (3)

HI 100 Early World History (3)

HI 101 Changing World History (3)

HI 102 Modern World History (3)

HI 395 History Forum (3)

PO 106 U.S. Government (3)

PO 107 American State and Local Government (3)

HI 399 Historical Methods and Research (3)

Upper Division U.S. History (6)

Upper Division European History (3)

Upper Division Non-Western History (3)

Required additional courses in social science

Selected Upper Division Political Science (6)

Economics EC 200 (3)

Anthropology AN 112 (3)

Geography GG 102 (3)

For a complete description of the individual classes, go to the course catalog at:

Academic Catalog

(Note, this link opens a pdf file of the entire undergraduate catalog in a new window.  When it opens, if you click on the ribbon icon in the upper right corner, it will open a page index.  If you click on any of the arrows, it will open a sub-menu for that section.  If you click on College of Arts and Sciences, you can then scroll down to the Mass Media Department and click on that link to open the course listing for Mass Media.)

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