Studying Political Science at Washburn

Political Science is the study of governments, public policies and political behavior using both humanistic and scientific perspectives and skills to examine the countries and regions of the world. Washburn is ideally situated in the capital city of Kansas, helping you access many internship opportunities in local, state and federal government offices. You will find many ways to apply what you learn in the classroom on campus and in the surrounding community.
A required curriculum of twenty-five (25 ) credit hours consisting of:

PO106 The Government of the United States 
PO 107 Kansas and the U.S. State and Local Government 
PO 225 Introduction to International Politics 
PO 235 Introduction to Comparative Politics 
PO 308 Federalism and Public Policies 
PO 325 Advanced International Politics 
PO 335 Advanced Comparative Politics 
PO 390 Applied Political Research 
PO 450 Senior Seminar

A further nine (9) credit hours from the following upper division courses:

PO 371 Topics in American Politics and Government 
PO 372 Topics in Comparative Politics 
PO 373 Topics in International Relations 
PO 374 Topics in Public Administration 
PO 396 Topics in Applied Research 
PO 397 Advanced Applied Research

Degree Requirements

A minor consists of no less than 15 hours. Students must take PO 106, PO 107, and select 9 hours of additional courses 6 of which must be from upper division courses. Students must have a grade of C or better in each course applied to the minor.

A student cannot major in either political science or public administration and receive a minor in the other area.

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