Why Choose the Master of Liberal Studies Degree?
An educated person needs more than a single expertise or perception…That is why the interdisciplinary focus of the MLS degree attracts students of all ages and stages of their lives. Those already established in their career paths, retirees, recent graduates, and others, can gain a broader perspective about current issues, topics of interest, and the connections between academic areas. Often, as MLS students progress through the MLS program, they discover new areas of interest. So whether you want to pursue a graduate degree to enhance your career prospects, or to fulfill personal goals, or simply because you love to think, read, and commit to intellectual enquiry, this liberal studies degree could be a good fit for you.

MLS Faculty Advisory Committee
Dr. Bruce Mactavish, MLS Director                                             
Dr. Gloria Dye, Education and Kinesiology 
Dr. Jason Emry, Natural Science and Mathematics 
Dr. Takrima Sadikot, Natural Science & Mathematics
Dr. Kara Kendall-Morwick, Humanities  
Dr. Paul Prece, Creative and Performing Arts
Dr. Tom Prasch, Social Science

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