Music Education Timetable

Semester 1

  • Declare your major by filling out form (Bachelor of Music in Music Education)
  • Pass the Rhythmic Perception Exam (RPE)
  • Take the “ETS Music Exam” at the conclusion of MU 123

Semester 3

  • Complete ED 150 EPIC and ED 200 Educational Psychology

Semester 4

  • Pass the 4th Semester Achievement Proficiency Exam
  • Take the EN 300 Placement exam

Semester 2 – 5

  • Pass the Piano Proficiency Exam (PPE)

Junior Year (Fall)

  • Take the “Pre-professional Skills Test” (PPST). See Dr. Hunt for information.
  • Take MA 116 prior to this examination. Register 6 weeks in advance. FEE REQUIRED
  • Apply for admission to the “Professional Teacher Education Program”
    Deadlines: August 1, November 1, April 1.
  • Register with WU “Career Services” to begin professional credential file

Prior to Student Teaching

  • Apply for Admission to Student Teaching.
  • Take the “Principle of Learning and Teaching” (PLT) exam. FEE REQUIRED
  • Take the “Praxis II” music content examination. FEE REQUIRED
  • Complete senior recital jury and present your senior recital
  • Take the “ETS Music Exam”
  • Complete your professional credential file with the office of Career Services

Prior to Graduation

  • Apply for “Teacher Licensure.” See Dept. of Education for forms. FEE REQUIRED

Final Semester

  • File an “Application for Degree” form in the office of the University Registrar at the beginning of your final semester. A student is not a candidate for degree until the Registrar’s office has the form on file. A graduation check will also be completed by the auditors.

Students and/or Advisors can generate an ON-LINE audit at any time


Professional Teacher Education Program

Undergraduate Requirements for Admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program

(See the WU General Catalog section under Education)

  1. Complete and submit “Declaration of Major” form to Music Department
  2. File official transcripts of all prior college work with BOTH the Education Department and the Registrar’s office.
  3. Submit to the Education Department an “Application for Admission” to the Professional Teacher Education Program after obtaining Dr. Hunt’s signature.
  4. Present an official Kansas State Health Certificate signed by the university physician or other licensed physician.
  5. The following courses must be completed (or concurrent enrollment) to be admitted into the Professional Teacher Education Program:


ED 200 Educational Psychology (minimum grade of C)



All courses in music must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75

General Education Courses (Cumulative GPA of 2.75 required in all Gen Ed courses)

3 hrs EN 101 Freshman Composition (minimum grade of C)

3 hrs MA 116 College Algebra (minimum grade of C)

3 hrs Elective in Science General Education

3 hrs Elective in Social Science General Education

12 hrs Electives in General Education Courses

24 hrs TOTAL

  1. Achieve a satisfactory score on each of the three sections of the PPST examination. This test is available at WU and via computer format at commercial testing centers.
  2. Sign a statement in the Education Department about prior criminal activity and submit to a KBI check.

Note: Courses requiring a minimum grade must NOT be taken Pass/Fail


Second Degree Seeking & Licensure Only Students in Music Ed.

All “Second Degree seeking” and “Licensure Only” students must audition and pass a conducting audition before a minimum of two music faculty members in order to be accepted into their respective programs.

Second Degree Seeking Students (from accredited institutions of higher learning): These students must complete all the requirements of the Music Ed. degree, including General Ed. requirements specific to the degree as indicated via a Degree Audit and as outlined in the most current Washburn University Catalog.

Licensure Only Students: These students have met all Gen. Ed. requirements; however, they must complete all requirements of the Music Ed. degree as indicated via a Degree Audit and as outlined on the Individual Professional Education Plan on file in the Washburn Department of Education.

Course List:


Contact the Music Department

Phone: 785.670.1511

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