Live in the residence halls in a dedicated learning community

The Leadership Learning Community offers students the opportunity to explore leadership concepts and how leadership can be used to improve communities throughout our world. As a member of this learning community, you will develop yourself as a leader, be empowered to support the creation of thriving, just communities, and develop strong relationships with peers and community leaders. All students in the Community will be enrolled in the same section of LE100: Exploring Concepts of Leadership.

The Leadership Learning Community is located in the 3rd South hall of the Living Learning Center and consists of 35 students who are passionate and excited about the study and practice of leadership. Capacity of the community is limited to 35 students, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. To sign up, indicate interest on your Housing Application, or email

Requirements for Participation

  • Co-enroll in a designated section of LE100: Exploring Concepts of Leadership in Fall semester (meets a general education requirement)
  • Attend Fall Orientation, a co-curricular program hosted by the Aleshire Center for Leadership and Community Engagement
  • Attend at least two additional leadership development opportunities each semester

Why Participate?

The Leadership Learning Community will:

  • Introduce students to and encourage them to participate in the Aleshire Center for Leadership and Community Engagement academic and co-curricular programs
  • Create a sense of community and a cohort support system for students interested in leadership and community engagement
  • Increase retention within the Aleshire Center and at Washburn University
  • Positively influence GPA of students involved in Learning Community compared to non-Learning Community participants

How Do I Sign Up?

First, complete your housing application and preference the Leadership Learning Community! Housing applications are available in early December. (If you housing application is complete, just contact us to have your room location changed.)

Then, complete the emailed Consent to Enroll form. This will enroll you in the LE100 course. Participation in the Leadership Learning Community is also dependent on your enrollment in the LE100 course.

Questions? Please contact Madeline Lambing, Associate Director of the Leadership Institute, at 785.670.2000 or

Shayden Hanes

Testimonial of Leadership Learning Community RA Shayden Hanes, 2020-2021

When I began my journey at Washburn University, I was terrified of being in a new city that was six and a half hours away from my family. However, my first night on the Leadership Hall, I met people who I connected with instantly and who became some of my closest friends. These people, added the color of laughter and joy to my college experience. Our time together was filled with furniture forts, karaoke nights, Marvel movie marathons, family hall dinners, and long late night talks. Here, I learned that despite our various backgrounds, I had more in common with this group of people than anyone I have ever encountered. Together, we increased our knowledge of ourselves and how to not only be a leader but also a community. The Leadership floor was the right choice for me. Without it, my first-year college experience would lack the color that only Leadership students can fill.

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