You can experience leadership in action to compliment your robust academic content taught in the Leadership courses. You can choose to engage in experiences that connect you to community leaders, varying leadership models, and differing organizational contexts and systems. Participating in our leadership co-curricular programs allows you to have hands-on leadership experiences and learn lessons in leadership taught by the experts. You will connect classroom lessons to real world situations as you explore the importance of a strong leadership presence in response to a community crisis. During your co-curricular experiences within the Leadership Institute you will discuss issues affecting young leaders with other leaders on campus and in the community.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council is the student organization branch of the Leadership Institute and is led by the Leadership Institute Fellows. With a governing council of approximately 20 students, the Leadership Institute is student-led in all major events and activities. At the monthly All Institute Nights you will learn how to become involved in the many events coordinated by the Student Leadership Council.

You can get involved in one of the three student teams. The teams are Communications, Outreach, and Engagement. Under the direction of the Student Director, you can help plan all the Leadership Institute co-curricular activities. These might include celebrations, socials, participation in homecoming activities, orientation, and Scholarship Interview Day. You could also create social media and marketing campaigns for the events or plan a fundraiser or volunteer activity for the students at the Leadership Institute.

All of these activities are completed by Leadership Institute students working with the Student Leadership Council.

Leadership Challenge Event™

Each year, the Leadership Institute hosts an annual leadership competition for high school and college students called the Leadership Challenge Event™. This event is the only one of its kind, challenging participating teams to demonstrate leadership as individuals and within teams to complete challenges and overcome obstacles placed before them throughout the interactive simulation. This event is created and executed by Leadership Institute students for high school and college students across the country while also involving over 150 local community volunteers. Learn more about how to get involved by clicking the link below!

Leadership Experiences

The Leadership Institute offers various leadership experiences for you as you become involved with the Institute. You can do this through networking with community business leaders, attending national or international conferences with peers, or experiencing leadership within organizations. You can also build leadership relationships through volunteering together in the community or becoming involved in one of the Leadership Institute’s pillar programs, the Leadership Challenge Event™. The Leadership Challenge Event™ uses community partners alongside leadership students to carry out this program. If you are interested in these opportunities or want to learn more? Complete a student information form and make plans to attend the next All Institute Meeting!

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