Students as agents of change

Here is an opportunity for student to do some truly creative and critical thinking!  Is the Washburn way truly the best way?  On and off campus, there are problems that need fixing. Often, there are better ways of doing things. In fact, students may be aware of issues that others do not even know exist.

By completing a Leadership WTE through the LE 398* (“Special Projects”) option, students earn 3-credits and will:

  • identify a significant problem or issue that exists within or beyond Washburn University
  • research and contemplate feasible and fiscally conservative solutions to the significant problem/issue
  • draft an action plan that identifies stakeholders, has well-defined objectives, and contains a well-designed strategy, indicators/measures of success/failure, and goal dates

In a 2nd (optional) semester (and for an additional 3-credits), the student will implement and evaluate the proposed action plan.

Imagine what the end result of this could mean!  Students realizing that they can make a difference in this world!  The world truly becoming a better place!  Washburn University becoming better and better!

If you are interested in mentoring a student who takes this option, please contact the Leadership Director (; 785.670.2001)

*A comparable course can be substituted for LE 398 (contingent on approval by the Leadership WTE Director).

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