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General Timeline

The Washburn University Self Study Accreditation Steering Committee has designed a schedule that encourages the entire WU community to be actively engaged in the self study process by providing several opportunities for all members of the community to contribute to the self-study and to offer comments on the developing self-study report.

Spring, Summer  and early Fall 2006
Subcommittees gather information from units. As a component of their existing assessment process, units are encouraged to identify strengths and opportunities to be addressed in the self-study. Develop working drafts of criteria responses (subcommittees).

Fall 2006     
Refine working drafts and develop evidence library. Engage constituents in a discussion of the purpose served by the self-study.

Spring 2007 
Invite comments by selected members of the University Community on the working drafts. Continue the development of the evidence library.

Summer 2007        
Draft the self-study report based on working drafts and comments.

Fall 2007     
Invite the University community to read and comment on the draft self-study report.
Prepare the final draft of the report based on comments from the University community.

January – February 2008 
Submit final draft to the North Central Association’s Higher Learning Commission.

May 5, 6, 7, 2008
Host visit by the Higher Learning Commission’s team consultant-evaluators.

Summer 2008
Receive the Higher Learning Commission’s decision and advice.

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