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Dowse's dancing ghosts, 2017

Loving gift Summer corn, 2017 Carol and corn ER and toy ball Late summer flower 2017
Gift from Patti Meade and Tonya Hatina
Summer corn 2017
Carol tuned into roasting ears
ER toy
Late summer '17

Long ramp up Loud squirrel on rooftop A Loud squirrel on rootop B Resting squirrel Fridge art by Joel Yoho
Long ramp up
Resting squirrel
Resting squirrel
Resting squirrel
Fridge art by Joel Yoho
  Fridged morning, January, 2017 our mailbox just shrank Shucking corn on the cob Boiling corn on the cob Last roses of summer, from George Schureman  
Fridge morning, Jan. 2017
Our mailbox just shrank!
Eleanor outdoors, Fall 2016
Last summer roses

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