Backyard Grazing

This squirrel made a pig of himself on the back patio fence.

squirrel eats corn 1 squirrel eats corn 2 squirrel eats corn 3 squirrel eats corn 4
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Our squirrel discovered that the blue plastic tarp used to cover our firewood was old and rotting. He (or she) made serveral trips to the patio and worked intently to yank out mouthfulls of fibers, balling up each load tightly to carry in his (her) mouth.
Then the squirrel bounded to the top of the fence, up a tree and along the electric cable that is strung through our easement, scurrying toward a nest somewhere east of us within the neighborhood. The squirrel made multiple trips to the wood pile (below).

squirrel gathers fibers squirrel tries to naw a new hole in the blue tarpsquirrel packs a huge wade of fiber in its mouth to carry awaysquirrel works at loosening filbers
squirrel thought of bolting when I showed up with my camera squirrel gathering blue plastic fibers squirrel tugs to loosen fibers squirrel has gathered a small bit of fiber

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