Kansas State Historical Society Nature Walk

A neighbor told me about a rope bridge on the nature trail at the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, KS, at the site of the old Potawatomi Indian Mission—a building recently closed because of fiscal restraints. (So sad. Hope for reopening.) I searched for the bridge.
I started by parking in the southwest corner of the parking lot for an evening walk. I walked west to the one-room school. The path turned north, and my adventure began. I was fascinated by all I saw as I traveled only a part of the several miles of nature trail in the area.

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One room school, KSHS site looking up from the arch bridge near one-room school Flags at sunset Potawatomi Indian Mission, KSHS site, Topeka
creek iris creek from a third bridge near school bank roots brush washed up by high water
stream and rocks tiny rapids rocks in creek forest in evening light
Indian and bison statue and wild lupins snaggley roots rope bridge over creek
rope weaving, swinging bridge from west looking east across the rope bridge creek bank and brdige
trees in setting sunlight setting sunlight on a rise copse beside Potawatomi Mission Potawatomi Mission
Green milkweed (Asclepias viridens) in the dogbane family (Apocynaceae), identified with the help of Dr. Vic Landrum, WU biology professor Pepperweed, probably Virginia pepperweed (Lepidium virginianum), with help from Dr. Vic immature Gold Yarrow Gold Yarrow
wild irises in standing water irises in marshy area irises with hidden frogs croaking
Yellow Flag wild iris close up Yellow Flag wild iris close up 2 Yellow Flag wild iris close up 3 irises in late light irises and dark water
Wild Blue Phlox gazebo east of parking, KSHS site Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) Daisy Fleebane

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Photo © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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