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    Did you know that on the South side of 10th st, East of Cambridge, and across from Cappers, is an ORIGINAL yellow "Lustron" home? One of two in Topeka. I watched it as it was built, probably in 1949 or 1950, when steel once again became available to the public. I remember it arriving by truck and it seemed like it only took a few days to assemble !
    Many years ago I took some Lustron information to the house, not sure that the people who were living in it then knew any of the history, but never heard anything. I DO NOT see it on the Lustron national registry, and it should be. Fascinating history ...

Judy Miller, Houston, April 2005

Lustron home, SW 10th Street, Topeka, KS

Judy also wrote:

    The grocery at 3410 W 10th was "Wards Grocery," owned and run by brothers Fred and Frank Ward and was up and running in the late '40's. Fred actually lived in the attached house which is the corner property at 10th and Frazier (I think it's Frazier and not Orleans). Frank went on to his own grocery/butcher shop in Silver Lake.

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