Curtis Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas
The Curtis Cemetery is on private property in North Topeka at the north end of N.W. Harrison — just west of Topeka Blvd. This site has received loving, attentive care and is a pleasant resting spot for members of the Curtis family.
Ancestors of Charles Curtis, Vice President of the United States under Herbert Hoover, are buried here. They include members of the Papan family. Papan's Ferry was the orginal site where the Oregon Trail crossed the Kansas (or Kaw River) at Topeka, KS.
The "Curtis" sign was erected in 2002.

This sign is constructed over the entrance to the cemetery
Large trees along the creek bank curving north and east of the cemetery   Also visit U.S. Senate's
   Charles Curtis page

Fall foliage at the cemetery

The cemetery has a split-rail fence

Curtis's native heritage stems from his mother, who was part Kansa, Osage and Potawatomi Indian and part French.

Grave markers
Back side of the sign at cemetery extrance

The cemetery plot

Curtis, himself, is buried at the Topeka Cemetery. [Some Researchers say one family name is "Pappan."]

As of Feb., 2010, the Curtis family asks the public to not trespass on this private property.

All photo © 2003 by Carol Yoho
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