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  The Kansas State Historical Society has reopened dome tours at the Capitol in Topeka after the dome had been closed for over thirty years. Tours are free and require climbing 296 steps. There is no charge for this tour. Complete details are posted on the KSHS web site.

Looking straight down, over the turret railing, at the west wing of the capitol

The Capitol is beautiful from city streets and city streets are beautiful from the Capitol dome.

[title] Kansas Capitol Dome Tour
Looking northwest over downtown Topeka Carol, as high up and one can get in Topeka without wings Jayhawk Tower neon sign
The restored Great Overland Railroad Station Looking southwest at Washburn University and beyond Santa Fe Shops as seen from the dome View of Interstate 70, headed east out of town toward Lawrence, KS
Looking up at the interior FALSE dome Between the inner and outdoor domes, looking down at the interior FALSE dome Looking down from the spiral section of staircase at the inner FALSE dome Looking up at climb ahead. The distance between the inner FALSE dome (lower left in photo) to the upper turret is 75 feet
Jennifer explains dome construction and points out the copper tiles we see looking upward inside the dome. Carol descending the staircase from a grand view outside Topeka residents tend to take the beauty of the State Capitol for granted, but the building IS beautiful, with the third-highest dome of any state capitol. The view of the city from the dome is spectacular on a clear day. My tour guide, Jennifer, gave a great tour and offered to take photos of me while high above
the city.

Looking down at the fourth and fifth floors of the capitol from the highest space before slipping above the FALSE dome for our climb to the top

Looking from top to bottom, from just under the FALSE dome above the fifth floor, through holes in the third and second floors of the rotunda, looking down to ground level. Highest clearstory before ascending above the FALSE dome Murals at the base of the FALSE dome cover previous work of bare-breasted classical women in painting

All photo © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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