Fall 2001

Cemetery Visit

Max and his friend Jay inspected stones in Ritchie Cemetery, a small Topeka cemetery on a bluff near Shunganunga Creek. John Ritchie, who donated land, is an early Freestater of Topeka. The cemetery is believed to contain the graves of early Black settlers and, perhaps, Native Americans. Few graves included stones, but those graves that were identified impressed visitors. Max and Jay inspect gravestone Spanish-American War veterans John Scott, civil rights lawyer
Max and Jay inspect the gravestone of John J. Scott and his great-grandmorhter, ex-slave Martha Ransom, known as Granny Ransom. See photo, far left. Here lie four veterans of the Spanish-American war. They are, very likely, Black soldiers. Native Americans may also be buried here in unmarked graves. This cemetery is old, by Topeka standards. Stone marks the grave of a ex-slave, Martha Ransom, and great-grandson John J. Scott. John was a lawyer involved in the Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education civil rights case. Topeka magnate school, Scott Elementary is named after this man, his father and brother.

Fall Acitivity

Fall leaves, photo 1Fall leaves, photo 2Fall leaves, photo 3Fall leaves, photo 4Fall leaves, photo 5 Fall color is evident in the leaves of this maple on the grounds of the local veteran's hospital.
wild and domestic sunflowersneighborhood squirrelour squirrel cleans the husk off a walnut Domestic sunflowers are much smaller and delicate than those raised for seeds. Here are both. Also, squirrel gather the nuts we provide on our patio.

New Building

Washburn University officially dedicated its new Living Learning Center at homecoming, Oct. 2001. The new center includes dormitory facilities, food services, and meeting rooms.
tower, Living Learning CenterMr. Ichabod signnew Union Market
Mr. Ichabod sculpturestone sculpture, Mulvane Court, Washburn campus
September 11
Our lives were horribly changed by the events of September 11th. The evening sky in Kansas that evening reflected the fires and the terrors to the East. Our thoughts and prayers are with our nation.
flag of the United Statessunset, Topeka, KS on Sept. 11, 2001


All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho

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