Autumn Color 2002, Topeka, Kansas and environs
Locals didn't expect much fall color after drought conditions in summer, but rains came at just the right time to make autumn color particularly beautiful in November 2002 in this area of Northeast Kansas. These photos were taken in and around Topeka in the second and third weeks of November 2002.

At a distance
grove at Dover, Kansas
along College Avenue, Topeka along McAlister Street, Topeka at Fieldstone Orchard, Overbrook, Kansas at Kansas Museum of History, Topeka
Medium view
yellow leaves on College Avenue flaming orange leaves, College Avenue rich orange leaves, McAlister Street yellow leaves tinged with orange yellow leaves before red leaves
Close up
mottled leaves, red and yellow
golden leaves tinged with red
red leaves caught amobg orange
crimson leaves soft red on yellow

All photos © 2002 by Carol Yoho
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