Hicks Block

Hicks Block, 6th and Tyler, Topeka, Kansas. Built 1888-89.

Hicks Block, 6th and Tyler, Topeka, Kansas

porch roof
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looking south along Tyler looking north along Tyler

Built 1888-89 for $50,000, these three-story homes were eventually converted into apartments, one on each floor.
Hicks Block was sold at auction in March 2005.
outside doorknob a front door facing 6th Street, seen from interior front door from hallway
Interior doors have, or have had carved birds at their corners double doors; note carvings apartment number one

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front room window facing 6th Street side window banister, staircase interior of upstairs apartment another window with stained glass
Stained glass and woodwork make the apartments special.
stained glass detailstained glass detail 2

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narrow walkway between parts of block buildings, looking westfrom the alley, looking southfrom walkway, looking east

across the courtyard
Back courtyard

rear window with scren courtyard window well posterior view of apartment

This photo essay promoted this response from an ex-Topekan:

I am a native Topekan living in Texas. I was feeling a little homesick and saw came across your photos. I used to live in Hicks Block. Over several years I lived in 3 different apartments. Back then, the rent was $50 a month. It's a beautiful old building. When I lived on the 2nd floor, I had a beautiful stained glass window - used to wake up looking at that window. I just wanted to let you know that your photos made one person very happy.

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All photos © 2005 by Carol Yoho

tilework detail, upstairs fireplace another tilework detail, same fireplace tilework Matt stand beside the fireplace, a main floor apartment, front corner of building another fireplace
Fireplaces in the apartments have great detail!

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