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Many of these photos were taken along
Shunga Creek in southwest
Topeka on January 28, 2004.

running creek water and icy edging

After 5 days we still had ice covering everything, including every blade of grass.
icy grassicy grass 2

[Title graphic] Shawnee County Ice Storm, January 2004, Topeka, Kansas

cold metal and bolts
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Ice storms and cold  
weather that lingered  
for days at the end of  
January transformed  
the landscape.  
cold stonework building

ice encrusted each twig and branch
buds encased in ice
evergreen needles in ice
ice sheets in sunshine

ice palaceice-encased pine cones
twigs and leaves encased in iceice laces tree limbs
tall grasses encased in ice
mailbox with icicles
iron chain links linked in icesparkling timber footbridge over the Shunganunga Creek
Shunga Creek, Topeka Shunga creek bed and tree roots in ice
icy branches stretch like fingers
wintery underbrush










For more photos of ice and snow in and around Topeka,
see Don Palmer's ICY ALLEYWAYS.

Photos © 2004 Carol Yoho
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