butterfly photo At the edge of the pond butterfly artwork
A hot July Sunday morning. Little obvious action at pond's edge, Gage Park, Topeka, Kansas. But, sitting quietly there at water's edge and attending to detail, I found more happening than met the eye. Zebra swallowtail butterflies,

dragonflies and a very unhappy red-winged blackbird my drew attention. No frogs were spotted, but one was heard singing in the bullrushes. Finally, the heat got too intense, forcing me to retreat.

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dragonfly 1dragonfly 2dragonfly 3dragonfly 4dragonfly 5

bobber caught in a branch

Someone who had been fishing in the pond this summer lost a bobber in the low branches of a tree which dust the surface of the water. The red and white bobber was just peeking out of the green foliage.

Zebra swallowtail, wings openZebra swallowtail, wings closedA Zebra swallowtail butterfly folded and opened his wings as he went about his business.

Zebra scolding redwing blackbirdZebra scolding redwing blackbird 2An angry redwing scolded from the safe distance of a tree branch.

Photos © 2001 Carol Yoho
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