[title] Shunga Park Trail, October 2006
above, Butterflies, berries and wild flowers.

Fall weather, but still plenty of natural wonders to admire on the nature trail along the Shunganunga Creek, Topeka, Kansas.
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twin mushrooms grow on tree bark
Shunganunga Creek bank with footbridge in the distance
milkweed pod explodes
above, Shunganunga Creek is an Indian name, and a fun word to speak. Try saying the name aloud. Trees, water, mushrooms and milkweed pods all sparkle in fall sunlight.

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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delicate yellow butterfly on daisies
marshy moss, as fall leaf floats
mysteries in the shadow of moss
above, My favorite spot is a swamp deep inside a field. In fall the water line is low and frogs hide among the moss.