Park entrance sign Shunga Trail
Shunga Trail along the Shunganunga Creek, Topeka, KS

Public Areas
miles of cement sidewalks along the creek Soccer players, picnickers, walkers, joggers, cyclists, skaters, sleepers...
pulbic garden areas picnic spot where trial divides the playground where I played as a child
Alphonzo  sleeps near the trail entrance Alphonzo sleeps, closer soccer game spectators soccer players and viewers Our trail, a broad sidewalk along the Shunganunga Creek (named by Indians) is heavily used by Topekans of all ages.

swamp view one
There is a fox hole along the trail. Four kits were born in spring 2002.
swamp view twosunning Painted turtlessunning turtles, view two
downstream, view two downstream, view one Marsh Habitat Trail runs parallel north of the Shunga Trail sidewalk, stretching east from approximately the border of the Veteran's Hospital to Big Shunga park ball diamond, providing habitat for birds and critters. Deer are sometimes spotted.
Nature Trail
squirrel sighted beaten trail off of the sidewalk wildflowers Not all park trails are paved, wide or heavily used. There are wonderful, wandering paths, crossing and parallel to the sidewalk, that invite exploration by those with the time and curiosity to explore them.
tree stump seat spreading sycamoresycamore, view two
All photos © 2002 by Carol Yoho
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