Spring 2008
Washburn flowerbed tulips Washburn flower bed flowering tree, Westboro fresh green peach-colored tulips more tulips
wisteria, large bushwisteria detailNeighborhood wisteria bush
fish, Washburn art pond fish 2, Washburn art pond
fish 3, Washburn art pond many fish fish and water plant pond fish single fish
old tree, outside Carnegie Hall, Washburn University buds on tree trunk knots, tree trunk rustic trunk flags, Washburn University daffodils
laden blooming tree tree blooms strangler left this bloom pink blooms on trees
blooms and yard light blue flax blue flax 2 blue flax 3 blue flax 4
hybiscus crocus blooming lavendar crocuses hybiscus 2
hybiscus close-up pink lily pink lily 2

All photos © 2008 by Carol Yoho
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