Spring 2009, Around Topeka
Two mourning doves and a robin Daffodils, back lit, Washburn University campus Lilac in bloom '57 Chevy mailbox Pansies Baby maple twirlies
Crabapple tree is bloom Clives in bloom Grape Hyacinths Grape Hyacinths 2 Flowering crabapple tree Cat stealth in garden
Peach iris Peach iris, close up Iris, back lit, with Blue Flax Iris, back lit Iris back lit 2 Peach Iris and Blue Flax White Iris
Vica blooms May evening sky at Washburn University Forsythia Daffodils in bloom Blooming tree at Carnegie Hall, Washburn University campus, May 2009 Apple blossoms
Blue Flax, detail Blue Flax Blue Flax, close up Blue Flax and wildcat Blue Flax and sawhorses

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All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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