Spring 2013, Topeka, Kansa

Spring was slow to arrive in 2013.

There were hints…like a beautiful Magnolia tree blooming in profusion in our neighbor’s yard. Other trees started to bud.

Then we had snow. Snow covered the tops of each branch and partially covered each bloom.

The snow melted by the next day.

Crab apple trees ballooned with gay, white blossoms. Pink blooms popped out on some trees to contrast with the blue sky and other trees with white blossoms.

Daffodils and ground plants of many colors bloomed. Mushrooms popped out in our soggy front yards.

Then it snowed again – on May 2 – one of only three times on record for snow in Topeka in May. The official word was that we’d had a “trace,” although it snowed vigorously for several hours on May 2.
Since then other trees have leafed out in green.

My favorite Wisteria tree bloomed, although not as heavily as in years past.

On May 14 we tied a record high temperature of 95 degrees, so it looks like Spring has finally arrived!

Magnoliasnow on tree bloomssnow and tree bloomsCrab apple blossoms ACrab apple blossoms BNeighbor Mike's rab apple blossoms29th Street blooms, backlit A29th Street blooms, backlit B
29th Street blooms, backlit, close upsmall purple and white flowerpurple irisvarigated purple iris Avarigated purple iris BStormont-Vail
Hole in storm cloudsBackyard snow on May 2ndFront yard snow on May 2ndMushrooms in Nancy's yardPink tulipsA few Wisteria blossomsPurple flowersYellow flowersVariagated irisWhite and yellow irisnot pansies, but what?Circle rose
More storm cloudsPink and peach tulipsTulips in sunrise colorsRhododendrumTopeka sky ATopeka sky BTopeka sky COne yellow irispurple againShunga Trail treesShunga Trail birchVariousVarious BMore purpleExotic irisBright pinkGeraniumsFirst wild roseWild rosesPink rhododendrumPink Rhodo BPorch snal, very tiny APorch snal, very tiny BPoppies APoppies BPoppies CPetuniassunset 5-25-2013asunset 5-25-2013bMorning gloryMorning glory BWhite RosesMaple seedsMore purple BWild AWild BWild CWild poppyGrass blossomsRobinMike's rosesFront yard bushJune skyNewly felled treeNewly felled tree, close-up

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