Spring 2016, Around Topeka, KS
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Early Spring Sprouts & Blooms
Sprouts, Shunga ParkBush turns green, Shunga ParkGrass greening, Thornton PlaceMagnolia blloming, Quail Creek neighborhood AMagnolia blloming, Quail Creek neighborhood BMagnolia blloming, Quail Creek neighborhood CMagnolia blloming, Quail Creek neighborhood DWashburn University apple blossoms AWashburn University apple blossoms BWashburn University apple blossoms C

Surprise Late Snow Shower, all over and gone in three hours!
Suprise early morning snowSnow, walk area, Thornton PlaceSnow and blossomsFootprint in the snowSnow on green leavesSnow on park benchWet snow sticksSnow has melted

Sunsets, Full-Moon Rise
Sunset, West Topeka ASunset, West Topeka BSunset, West Topeka CFull moon

Turnpike Trip, April, 2016
Prarie grass fire, set for SpringBurned prairieTumbling barn near Burlingame, along turnpike

Sky and Ground
Sunrise, Mission Woods ASunrise, Mission Woods BSunset, west of Thornton PlaceNew moonFullmoonCoreopsis wildflower patch, gardenYellow daffodilsAntheraea polyphemus, huge moth

Washburn Campus: Tower & Favorite Ginko Tree Buds
Bell tower, Washburn University campusFavorite ginko spouts leaves, Washburn campusNew spring ginko leaves

Various Local Phenomina
Neighborhood bunnyNeighbor's flowers splay fenceBob Martins open tree trunkBob's garden strawberries and gooseberriesMorning storm brewing AMorning storm brewing BMorning storm brewing C

George's Roses, Late May 2016
Neighborhood rose ANeighborhood rose BNeighborhood rose CNeighborhood rose DNeighborhood roses ENeighborhood rose FNeighborhood rose GNeighborhood roses H

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