2013 Summer Blossoms
Our neighborhood had some beautifuls fowers in gardens of Quail Creek neighborhood.

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Blooms 1Blooms 2Blooms 3Blooms 4Blooms 5Blooms 6Blooms 7Blooms 8Blooms 9Blooms 10Blooms 11Blooms 12Blooms 13Blooms 14Blooms 15Blooms 16Blooms 17Blooms 18Blooms 19Blooms 20Blooms 21Blooms 22Blooms 23Blooms 24Blooms 25Blooms 26Blooms 27Blooms 28wildflowers Awildflowers Bwildflowers Cwildflowers Dwildflowers EMid-July cottage cheese cloudsStacked clouds, 7-19-2013 AStacked clouds, 7-19-2013 BStacked clouds, 7-19-2013 CStone bridge, Rock Garden, Gage ParkRock Garden pond, Gage ParkWildflowers, Rock Garden, Gage ParkFlowers, Rock Garden, Gage Park A Flowers, Rock Garden, Gage Park BFlowers, Rock Garden, Gage Park CFlowers, Rock Garden, Gage Park DFlowers, Rock Garden, Gage Park EFlowers, Rock Garden, Gage Park FCloud acitivity, 7-21-2013 ACloud acitivity, 7-21-2013 BCloud acitivity, 7-21-2013 CBlooms 29Single roseBlooms 30Blooms 31Blooms, with butterflyBlooms 32TrunkSunflower ASunflower BSherry's rosesNancy's flowers ANancy's flowers BAugust sunset, west of Topeka AAugust sunset, west of Topeka BAugust sunset, west of Topeka C

All photos © 2013 by Carol Yoho
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