Victory Highway WWI Veterans Memorial, relocated in May, 2007, Topeka, Kansas
Indoors close up
The eagle sculpture was unveiled
Nov. 11, 1923, at the Shawnee/Douglas County line on the new cross-continental "Victory Highway," later designated as US-40 highway. It stood more recently at the northeast corner of Gage Park, near the arched entrance to the park. The sculpture was removed for restoration, Nov. 2006.
Mom eagle protects her two eaglets
Unusual view of the sculpture from above.
Bald eagle in bronze
Eaglet fledglingsInside the nest
Eaglets looking upward  
A detailed look at the sculpture, for the first time in decades seen from above, was available to the curious while the renovated sculpture was stored at the Cyrus K. Holiday city building while waiting for its spring move back to Gage Park.
New Gage Park Site Entire monument, replace at Gage Park
Sculpture and pedestal are now grouped with other veteran memorials at the southeast corner of Gage Park.
Wings stretched against stormy skies Protecting mom, seen from sidewalk level
Front view of restored bronze sculpture
Front view Looking up from under mom's left wing

These eagle sculptures could once be found all along the highway.
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U.S. Highway 40, the "Victory Highway"

All photos © 2007 by Carol Yoho
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