The Historic Wasr-Meade Park, Topeka,  Kansas

Ward-Meade Park encompasses 6 acres, starting as a family farm on the Oregan Trail near Papan's Landing ferry crossing in northewast Kansas. The family manion, original log cabins, a turn-of-the-20th-century town, and 2.5 acres of botanical gardens feature history, shopping, food and nature. The park has its own website. The Anthony Ward family sat down Kansas roots in an area now within the capital city, Topeka. The Ward's purchased the land from a Kaw (Kanza) Indian. Ward's daughter, Jennie, married John Mackey Meade. Members of the Meade amily lived in the home until 1961, when Topeka bought the property to use as a park.
Pioneer Crossing A small town is set up at Ward-Meade Park. See below:

Potwin Drug Store

The Potwin Drug Store is an exact replica of the old Potwin Drug Store, closed in the 1970s. It includes an ice cream parlor and luncheon sandwishes. The woodwork was moved from the old store.

Potwin Drug Store front with church in backgroundcustome woodwork in drug storesoda fountain and sandwiches served

Town Square

Town Square includesVictor School House, the old Pauline Depot, Lingo Livery Stable, Mulvane General Store and physican and dental offices. Tours are given.

country schooloriginal Ward cabins
Mulvane General StoreLingo Stables

Anna's Place

Anna Riphahn was a high school-aged writer and illustrator. She died in a vehicle wreck and is memorialized here witha gazebo, plaque and pond.

gazeboAnna Riphahn bronze plaquerunning stream in Anna's Placelily pads

Botanical Gardens

Two and 1/2 acres of Ward-Meade land are devoted to botanical gardens.

nature pathfoot bridge across streamtrellis seat on nature path

The Mansion

After living in 3 log cabins, the family built this elegant Southern-style mansion. Park offices are housed here. Weddings, meetings and dinners can be scheduled.

side fountainthe mansionlion fountain in front yard

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Remembrances of Jeannie Ward Meade
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