Topeka Zoo Tour, July 2010
The Topeka Zoo is still around, enjoyed by generations of citizens since opening in 1933. Recently a baby giraffe, Hope, was born. Hope was out in the giraffe yard — but no lions nor tigers nor bears were out. The zoo has them, but July afternoons are hot and these creatures aren't dumb. They were staying in, out of the sun. The zoo has plenty of animals and birds to observe and enjoy—but it WAS hot!
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cougar antelope bald eagle 1 bald eagle 2 another eagle
orangutan African elephant 1 African elephant 2 African elephant 3
Topeka Zoo garden Topeka Zoo Rain Forest Topeka Zoo Animals and Man building Topeka Zoo giraffee enclosure Topeka Zoo break area
hippopotamus 1 hippo hippopotamus 2 hippos 1 hippos 2
duck more ducks tropical bird 1 tropical bird 2 tropical bird 3
critter otters roseate spoonbill 1 roseate spoonbill 2 Flying Fox bat
Chilean flamingo 1 Chilean flamingoes Chilean flamingoes 2 African gray parrot
Scarlet Ibis Scarlet Ibis 2 crested brown bird gorilla
gorilla 2 topical fish 1 topical fish 2 topical fish 3 tortoise
giraffe A giraffe B Baby Hope 1 Baby Hope 2 giraffe 3 giraffe 4
tortoise 2 tortoise 3 two tortoises tortoise drinks aramadillo

Photos © 2010 Carol Yoho
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