Collins Park Independence Day Celebration, Topeka, KansasClyde shows his spirit!

Every Independence Day there is a neighborhood parade in Collins Park, a two-block residential street in Topeka. Neighbors line the street. Company comes, and everyone enjoys the celebration.

Tigerlilly, with a patriotic bandaidCollins Park. Houses face two blocks of greenery.

This 1927 firetruck is fondly remembered by generations of Topekans. Recued from destruction in the 1950s, but stripped, it sat in Gage Park for decades as a climbing toy for children. Finally restored, it is displayed at community events like the Collins Street 4th of July parade.
driver's seat engine radiator ladders along the side firemen brought their dalmation

This year, 9 months after the 9-11 New York City disaster, citizens were overt in displaying their pride in their national heritage.
patriotic pillars enormous flag displayed flag-lined walks were a common sight

    All photos © 2002 by Carol Yoho
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