9th Annual Aaron Douglas Art Fair
September 27, 2014, Topeka, KS

Val Ireland and Carol Yoho shared an art tent at the 2014 Aaron Douglas Art Fair, showing their photography.

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Val Ireland Carol Yoho, photo by Dan BrennanOutside tent
Above: Val, then Carol, then side of booth
Inside tent, Carol's sideOur cornerVal welcomes Fair attendee
Don and Cindy WhiteleyYear's Best Artist honoree, Alex Olson
Carol's photo is by Dan Brennan, who posted an array of photos on the Art Fair Facebook page.
Bottom Row: Cindy & Don Whiteley, plus Outstanding Artist, Carol's neighbor Alex Olson. Congratulations, Alex!

Photos © 2014 Carol Yoho, except as noted: one photo of Carol by Dan Brennan
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