Authur Capper's Birthday Party, 90 Years of Building Abilities



90th anniversary celebration
of Easter Seals Capper Foundation at Gage Park, Topeka, on Thursday, July 14, 2011.

Authur Capper was a Kansas governor, U.S. senator, founder of Capper's Weekly, owned two radio stations, and began a care center for children with disabilities, now associated with Easter Seals. His birthday parties, held from 1908 to 1950 at Garfield and Ripley parks, would attract up to 20,000 people and featured free ice cream.

Ice cream at Gage Park was donated by Blue Bell. Various dignataries attended. Animals attended from the Gage Park Zoo. Music was by Marshall's Band, founded in Topeka in 1884.

Artist figures, "Arthur and Emily,"left, were created by Melissa Kingman Rau, far left. She molded hands and faces in ceramic clay. Body structures are of metal and wire mesh. The figures wear fabric clothing and real shoes.

tarantula Kansas vulture Vultures are the only birds who can smell Zoo staffer holds python These may be wagon ruts beside West Lake, Gage Park, behind the band shell
back side of Happy Birthday letters setting up, with Arthur Capper photo collage Marshall Band and speaker ice cream courtesy of Blue Bell
older couple enjoy their ice cream 90th celebration fans. It was a hot day. Good day for fans. snake, close up

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Melissa Kingman Rau made the artist figures of Arthur and Emily Artist figures Arthur and Emily