July 4, 2003 Collins Park Parade, Topeka, Kansas
 stars trolley
 Susan Uncle Sam Model A truck kids train
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bunting on fence
Each July the Collins Park Neighborhood of Topeka has a "come-as-you-are" Independence Day parade. The parade is believed to be the city's longest running, over 35 years. Neighbors take pride in their homes and the park. Friends and family are invited to share the fun. These photos are from the 2003 parade. Also read the newspaper article.

Parading Kids
toddler neighborhood children jalopy 1 jalopy 2 kid train patriotic dress
Music and Marchers
band music piper corp Uncle Sam placards unicyclist scout troop and banner
Old Fire Truck
1927 fire engine dalmation gets seat of honor fire truck front driver fire truck rear driver
Tin Lizzies
Model A truck 1950s Hudson Hornet old car 1 old car 2
Friends Gather
GR as Uncle Sam gals show their "tatoos" patriotic baby Susan and Charlie Lily Max discusses the Battle of Pea Ridge
flag bunting check out Ed's tie! Topeka trolley

All photos © 2003 by Carol Yoho
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trolley fire truck front fire truck fire truck toddler fire truck fire truck Susan and Charlie fire truck GR as Uncle Sam band kid train band bunting toddler patriotic baby