Collins Park Parade, July 4, 2006

Parade Founders Honored —35 years in Topeka!
Color guard These ladies are parade founders 35 years of Collins Park parades

Still an event for kids and neighbors
throwing candy drummer and kid on springs clowns decorated bike bike and wagon come behind
kids on bikes and in go-carts batmobile old Chevy beautiful old car
stroller brigade old truck kids in boat prow Topeka streetcar
Scottish pipes pipers Topeka mayor and family
old vehicle adn 1927 restored firetruck fireman drives the rear of old firetruck Uncle Sam sign board marcher

Marchants played hosts. Ed and Sadie walk in parade.
Ed and Sadie join in the march Madeline, Sadie, and Ed Susan is decked in red, white and blue as perfect hostess
Beer and donuts for 11 a.m. parade Marchant's front yard, front row seats Madeline with her parade LOOT

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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