Kansas Sampler Festival, May 1 and 2, 2010







Ray Miller Park
Leavenworth, Kansas
May 1 and 2, 2010

Ray Miller Park, Leavenworth, Kansas
a big plastic bison and two cow skulls
opening ceremony, Saturday morning

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tent tie-downs across the commons area
lunch hour on Saturday carts help those who needed a lift to where they were going Miller Park lays in the shadow of Leavenworth's Veterans Administration Hospital

below, Marci Penner,
Kansas Sampler
Festival Founder

Marci Penner. With her father, she founded the Kansas Sampler Fesitval
Paige Padgett, as Dorothy, sang OVER THE RAINBOW a sheriff and and working cowboy
left & below,

another cowboy
second left, Paige Padgett, in ruby slippers as Dorothy, welcomed crowds by singing "Over the Rainbow."

below, Harkey the Clown

Harkey the clown

Petting & Bubbles baby goats boy pets goat photographer pets goat
baby goats rest from crowd attention
bubbles bubble source children particularly loved the bubbles

Goats were less than one week old.

Bubbles were everywhere!

Live Music
Gospel Jazz entertains attendees
Gospel Jazz onstage
String Band
music lovers
Prairie Acre
Barbershop Quartet
String Band

Rosie Cutrer plays banjo
History and FunRosie Cutrer entertains children with stories
black female Union soldier tells her story black female soldier
Bob Spear as Buffalo Bill Cody Anne Hawkins as Mary Jane Ritchie, abolitionist historical figures boggie down to Gospel Jazz

Jerry Engler, Kansas author
authors from Topeka Glory Hemmingway, Denise Hemmingway, George Paris and Max Yoho Kansas author Reaona Hemmingway Tents & Food
Kansas Authors Club District 2 book table
Kansas Authors tent
reproduction of turn of the 20th century popcorn vendor truck barbequing pork, chicken and beef boy eats a smoked turkey leg
Leavenworth, First City of Kansas
railroad track parallels the Leavenworth Landing, north and south on the west side of the Missouri River Carousel Museum
Leavenworth Landing river walk repurposed downtown train depot
restored C.W. Parker carousel hand-cranked 1850s wooden merry-go-round
most figures on the Parker carousel are horses, except for these two running rabbits Carol as a C.W. Parker monkey handcrafted merry-go-round horses
On the west bank of the Missouri River, Leavenworth was the first city established in Kansas. Both Kansas and Leavenworth will celebrate their 150th birthdays in 2011.

"The Landing" is an attractive river walk.

Leavenworth wass also the home of the C.W. Parker Carousel Company. Visitors can visit two restored carousels and an 1850s hand-cranked merry-go-round.
See also: C.W. Parker Carousel, Abilene, The Heritage Center

If you don't like Kansas weather, wait a minute. Those who spent two days at the festival were alternately cold, wet, warm, dry, hidding from a hailstorm, and bogged down in mud.
The weather really was never an issue, however. Everyone coped. After a long, hard winter Kansas had the tendency to just enjoy Spring.
leftover hailstones, Sunday afternoon Mud abounds after our hailstorm people all came back out when the hailstorm abated

Photos © 2010 Carol Yoho
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