10 years, Keaton Celebration

Keaton Celebration, September 27 and 28, 2002
 Bowlus Fine Arts Center
 205 E. Madison, Iola, Kansas

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Special Guests
Gerald Potterton received the 2002 Buster Award.
Gerald Potterton and his Buster Award
Gerald Potterton, Buster Award winner, 2002
From Canada, Potterton directed Keaton in THE RAILRODDER, 1964.
Also an animator, Potterton shared Keaton memories and some award-winning animations.
James Karen, Hollywood actor, was a good friend of Buster's and Eleanor's. Jim has attended several of the Iola celebrations with his wife, Alba.
James Karen, actor
Melissa Talmadge Cox, Buster's granddaughter Melissa Talmadge Cox is Buster's granddaughter. She spoke at the 2001 conference and attended again in 2002.
Annette D'Agostino Lloyd was also in Iola in 1999. Founder of Harold Lloyd's fan club, she shared her love for the silent comedian who wore glasses.
Annette D'Agostino Lloyd manages Harold Lloyd fan club
David Macleod is a Blinking Buzzard from London Attending his 8th conference, David Macleod traveled from London. He is founder of the Blinking Buzzards, Great Britain's Keaton fan club.


Jeanne Keaton Holler is Buster's cousin and is sister to Ted, (right).

Jean Keaton Holler, Buster's cousin

Ted Keaton, Buster's cousin


Ted Keaton is Buster's cousin. He has attended several celebrations in Iola.

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Committee & Staff
Amy Specht, Piqua resident, raised funds for the Keaton Memorial in Piqua in 1993—and has been serving the committee ever since.
Amy Specht, of Piqua Clyde Toland, Iola Clyde Toland, Iola lawyer, is a historian and the Founding Father of the Iola Keaton Celebration and original member of the Keaton committee.
Mary Martin is co-chair of Keaton committee, Director of Bowlus Fine Arts Center and manager of Bowlus facilities and this event.
Mary Martin, Bowlus
Frank Scheide, co-chair
Frank Scheide, co-chair of the Keaton Committee, is professor at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and Celebration speaker. Frank's sister created the Keaton quilt sold at the 2002 raffle (see below).
John Tibbetts is an artist, musician, university professor at U of KS, celebration speaker, and founding committee member. John created all 10 Keaton Celebration promotional posters.
John Tibbetts, Renaissance Man
Keith Goering manages web site Keith Goering is web site manager, original committee member, high school teacher and was, most recently, this year's Buster Award introducer.
Jane Bartholomew represents the Film Society of Greater Kansas City. She serves on the committee and will do anything that needs doing, including running a raffle and selling
t-shirts to raise money for the Celebration.
Jane Bartholomew works hard at the celebration
Bill Shaffer, movie maven Bill Shaffer's "day job" is producer/director for public television. Serving on the committee, he acquires films, manages events, introduces speakers and creates the lobby cards used for movies shown at the celebration.
Bill Nix, technical wizard

Bill Nix has been running the technical aspects
of the program (audio, video, DVD, 16mm and 35mm) from the balcony of Bowlus since 1993.
This year attendees saw a bit more of Bill because he was backed up by the help of an assistant, Martin Wooten.

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Bowlus Facilities
blank The "Crown Jewel" of the Keaton Celebration is Iola's Bowlus Fine Arts Center. Housing lectures, film-showings, meals for presentors and informal gathering areas, the Bowlus suits conference needs to a "T." Built in the early 1960s with estate funds of Iola resident Thomas H. Bowlus, this facility houses high school level art and music classes and area cultural events. The Bowlus sports a theater, lobby and basement perfect for use by the Keaton Celebration. blank
Bowlus viewed from the east
Bowlus from the street front steps, Bowlus Fine Arts Center Twelve surviving
members of the
Bowlus family
toured the facility during Saturday's festivities and were very impressed with the event
and the facility.
Iola residents volunteered as conference greeters
the basement lobby allowed for refreshments, sales and discussion standup cardboard cutouts of Laurel and Hardy added ambiance Iota Nu chapter of Phi Tau Omega served luncheon to Saturday's presenters
James Karen helps move trash
local hospital auxillary members served refreshments in the basement lunch line meeting facility accommodated luncheon for presenters
Keaton memoribilia and related items were displayed at the west end of the lobby.
lobby display case
Keaton quilt was raffled This quilt was created by Kathy Metzenbauer of Wisconsin. It was raffled to earn money for the Keaton Celebration 2003.
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Mont Alto is movie Magic!
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2002 Celebration Schedule:

FRI., Sept. 27, 2002
Beginning 10:00 a.m.
Theme: Keaton in the Age of 'Toons

Opening Video Montage

Vote for your "Favorite Keaton Moment" (clips)
John Tibbetts:

"No Way Out:
Comedy & the Human Predicament"

Short cartoon:
The Soda Squirt with Flip the Frog, 1933, Ub Iwerks
Martha Jett:
"Re-Searching for Buster:Finding Keaton amid the Chaos"
Voting recap

Lunch (on your own)
Kaye Malins:
"Steamboat Willie vs. Steamboat Bill"

Dennis Bradley, of Thank You, Walt Disney:
"The Midwest as a Cradle of Animation"

Getting Started an NFB production
The Ride introduced by Gerald Potterton

Gerald Potterton:
"Animation, Buster Keaton, the NFB and More"
The Hand Behind the Mouse Documentary

SAT., Sept. 28, 2002
Beginning 8:30 a.m. 
Theme: Retro Keaton: 10 Yrs of Celebrations in Iola

Registration (there are no fees)
Welcome, Introductions & Remarks
Vote for your "Favorite Keaton Moment (clips)
David Macleod:
"Iola Pilgrimage:Why Do We Do It?"

Frank Scheide:
"The Keatons of Perry, Oklahoma" (Buster's Grandparents)
Bill Shaffer:
"Milestones:10 Yrs. of Keaton Celebration"

Short Montage
Short Break (Favorite Moments Reminder)
Gerald Potterton:
"Silent Rushes from Buster Keaton Rides Again"
(27 minutes) prepared by Bruce Lawton
Greetings from Kevin Brownlow
Lunch (on your own)

John Tibbetts:
"A Video Interview with Eleanor Keaton, 1995"
"Eleanor's Buster Award"

Presentation of the Buster Award to Gerald Potterton
Short Break

Patty Eliot Tobias:
"Keaton's Autograph Books as History of American Vaudeville & the Muskegon Actor's Colony, 1907-1919"

Robert Arkus, Video Engineer/Getty Images:
"The Square World of Alonzo Pennyworth"
Keaton stars in an Eddie Cantor Theatre Television presentation
Annette D'Agostino Lloyd:

"The Worlds of Harold Lloyd & Buster Keaton"
Favorite Keaton Moments Wrapup

Evening Movies

FRIDAY, 7:30 p.m.:

The Cook, w/ Arbuckle/Keaton
piano solo by Rodney Sauer

Battling Butler

music by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

SATURDAY, 7:30 p.m.:

Favorite Keaton Moment -- The Winner(s)

His Wedding Night
, w/ Arbuckle/Keaton
piano solo by Rodney Sauer

Raffle for Keaton Quilt

The General
, presented in 35mm
music by Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

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The Town of Iola
blank Iola is a nice small American town. Located in the southeastern quadrant of Kansas, it is safe, clean, friendly, and industrious. Iola pulls out all stops to make conference attendees feel welcome. People come back to Iola year after year to enjoy the Keaton Celebration! blank
Bowlus from Town  Square
from Bowlus steps to Town Square view old courthouse clock is all that's left of old courthouse Downtown Iola is built on a square. The Bowlus is only one block from Town Square.
Shops on Madison Street
Merchandise sale and Keaton Celebration poster more shops on east side of Square
Iola veterans' memorial on the Squarespiked cannon and war memorialThe Iola Veteran's Memorial
includes the name
sunset at the Best Western
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blank Keaton fans flock to Iola in September for the Keaton Celebration. Some make the pilgrammage 8 miles west to Piqua, Kansas to see the Buster Keaton Museum. Participants come from all over the U.S. and some guests are international. Returning fans enjoy seeing friends made previously. New fans are warmly welcomed. blank
Jim and Dale
Joe and Cookie Lisa makes Buster hats Lisa, Patty, Martha and Dan
Tim with his Chaplin suspenders
Steve and wife, Maggie Rodney Shaffer brothers with Jim
Martha, Becky, Jane, and Carl
Jim signs an autograph for fans guests from N.Y.C.
Bill and Keith
Ben and friends Jane hugs Max
Doug brought collectibles
Rodney gives the "high sign" Maggie shows off her Felix vest V.I.P.s discuss events

The Iola Register reports that this year's celebration had attendees from 51 Kansas towns, 23 states
and 4 foreign countries—England, Canada, Germany and Colombia.

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Keaton was born near Iola, KS at Piqua in 1895

Visit the Buster Keaton Museum, Piqua, Kansas
Also, visit the site of the International Buster Keaton Society.

Funded by the Kansas Humanities Council, with help from the Iola Tourism Fund and private donors.
Sponsored by the Keaton Celebration Committee in cooperation with the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.

2002 Speakers List:
  • Gerald Potterton (Buster winner)
  • Kaye Malins
  • Robert Arkus
  • Annette D'Agostino Lloyd
  • Patricia Tobias
  • Frank Scheide
  • John Tibbetts
  • David Macleod
  • Martha Jett

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"2001, a Keaton Odyssey"
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