The Comedy of the Social Misfit Joseph Frank Keaton and W.C. Fields
.Sept. 23 & 24, 2005 
Bowlus Fine Arts Center
205 E. Madison, Iola, KS •

Silent motion pictures and shorts throughout the celebration.

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Special Guests:
Harriet Fields
Allen Fields, grandchildren of W.C. Fields
Dr. Fields holds book about her grandfather
Dr. Fields presenting
Buster's cousin Jeanne Keaton Holler
Allen Fields in interview & discussion session
Patricia Eliot Tobias, president of the Damfinos, presented the 2005 Buster Award to the Fields family. Dr. Harriet Fields and Allen Fields receive the Buster Award Dr. Harriet Fields and her brother, Allen Fields
Patty Eliot Tobias presents 2005 Buster Award to the family of W.C. Fields

Presenters and Q&A Sessions:
Joe Adamson tells of his journey in making Fields documentary video with W.C.'s grandson, Ron FieldsFrank Scheide introduces the Dr. St. George Medicine Show PlayersHooman Mehran speaks on stage with John Tibbetts
Video of the real steam locamotive, The General Brian Johnston, doctoral candidate, discusses his video about the actual abduction of The General during the Civil War Rodney Sauer introduces music to be played Saturday night for Keaton's Our Hospitality Hooman Mehran discusses silent film with attendee John Kelso Presenters Martha Jett, from West Virginia, and David Macleod, UK
Allen Fields with presenters Hooman Mehran and Scott EymanQ&A session with Eric Grayson, John Tibbetts and Hooman Mehran
Q&A session with Brian Johnston and David Macleod
John Tibbetts and Scott Eyman in Saturday afternoon Q&A session

Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra:
Musical  Accompaniment 
Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra 2005 Friday evening Mont Alto curtain call
Friday evening Mont Alto warm up
Rodney Sauer, director and piano
Beth Roseback, cello
Dawn Kramer, trumpet Britt Swenson, violin
Brian Collins,clarinet

Dr. St. George's Medicine Show:
Performing Death Can Be Murder, a radio drama with hatsMike Prince and Ken TeutschThe mistress (yes!) and the detectiveThe victim
Who's On First? Ken Teutsch and Connie High
Frank Scheide introduces the Saturday afternoon radio drama
The Reticient Youth: or He Held His Tongue, Saturday evening's skit

Facilities, Staff, Celebration Committee:
The Bowlus Fine Arts Center, IolaIola Public Library display caseCelebration co-directors Mary Martin and Frank Scheide, with facilities manager Susan RainesJane Bartholomew, all around helper, friend, committee member, and friendly face
Posters from previous Celebrations, all with artwork by John Tibbetts, were also available for saleMandy Specht is one of dozens of Iola citizens helping at BowlusIota Nu chapter of Phi Tau Omega served Saturday luncheon to speakers and committeeSaturday luncheon for special guests
Iola volunteers man sales tables
Mary Martin with committee member and Iola Keaton web site host Keith Goering
The new Mary Martin Art Gallery housed celebrity artwork of John Tibbetts
John Tibbetts poses with his favorite illustration of Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu Bill Shaffer, committee member, with his lobby cards for Friday & Saturday evening performances
Movie Magic: Fields tries a hot dogFields the jugglerKansan Louise Brooks co-starred in It's the Old Army Game
Keaton on antique bicycle, Our Hospitality Early locomotive facsimile in Our Hospitality Natalie Talmadge Keaton is swirled over the falls in Our Hospitality Keaton gets ready to save the damsel in distress, climax of Our Hospitality

Glory Jean and Eric Joe and PattyDavid and his mum, ShirleyLisa and her mom, Bette
Patty, president of Damfinos, is recorded in an audio interivew
Attendees look through advertising materials shared by Martha Jett
Susan Cygan, a Damfino from England, and Herb Miller, a film collector from Mission Hills, Kansas, inspect materials shared by Martha Jett Herb Miller, from the Kansas City area, with his Fields candle


2005 Schedule:
FRI., Sept. 23, 2005

Beginning 10:00 a.m.
Frank Scheide
presented for Fred Krebs: "Pettifogger Fields and Pilgrim Keaton:Two Comic Journeys from the Alien Edge to the Human Heart”
Introducing the Dr. St. George's Medicine Show Players with Ken Teutsch, Mike Prince, and Connie High
Screening of Pool Sharks, W.C. Fields Short
Martha Jett:
"Selling an Image:The Marketing & Promotion of Vaudeville & Silent Movie Stars” Martha is a Documentary Filmmaker and Keaton Biographer
Panel Discussion
summarizing morning events, chaired by Frank Scheide

12:15 p.m. Lunch (on your own)

Resuming 1:15 p.m.
Hooman Mehran: "Eddie Cline:Transforming Keaton and Resuscitating Fields”
Hooman is Co-Editor of the Chaplin Review, film Historian and Author
Eric Grayson: "Unknown Fields” rare film footage
Eric is a Film Historian and Collector
Panel discussion summarizing afternoon events, chaired by John Tibbetts
Screening of W.C. Fields Straight Up, Emmy Award winner by Ron Fields and Joe Adamson. Joe Adamson introduced the video. A Q&A session followed.

Friday Evening of Silent Cinema, 7:30 p.m., with Buster Keaton & W.C. Fields .
Death Can Be Murder, a Dr. St. George Medicine Show Radio Drama with Hats, .
with Ken Teutsch & Mike Prince
Short: Convict 13 starring Buster Keaton
Feature: It's the Old Army Game starring W.C. Fields
with live musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

SAT., Sept. 24, 20058:30 a.m. Registration (there are no fees)Beginning 9:00 a.m. 
Welcome & Intros by Mistress of Ceremonies Martha Jett
David Macleod: "From Vaudeville to Video: Buster Keaton and W.C. Fields"
Macleod is a Keaton Historian and Founder of the Blinking Buzzards Society (UK)
Brian Johnston: "The Real Johnny Grey: An Historical Perspective"
Johnston is a Documentary Filmmaker and Doctoral Candidate in Communication at Florida State
Who's On First? Dr. St. George's Medicine Show Radio Theatre of the Air
with Connie High and Ken Teutsch
Screening of Grand Slam Opera, a Buster Keaton short
Panel discussion summarizing morning events, moderated by Frank Scheide

12:00 Lunch (on your own)Resuming 1:00 p.m. :
Scott Eyman: "A Fatal Misalliance"
Scott is a noted Film Historian, Author, Journalist and Critic
John Tibbetts:
"Balancing Act: W.C. Fields and the Human Condition"
John is a Professor of Film, University of Kansas
Panel Interview with W.C. Fields' grandchildren:
Dr. Harriet Fields and her brother Allen Fields, both of the W.C. Fields Foundation, discuss memories of their grandfather. Moderated by Frank Scheide
Horror/Hospital/Cowboy Drama, Dr. St. George's Medicine Show Radio Theatre of the Air
with Ken Teutsch, Mike Prince, and Connie High
Screening of The Old Fashioned Way, W.C. Fields sound feature

Saturday Evening of Silent Cinema, 7:30 p.m., with Buster Keaton & W.C. Fields .
The Reticent Youth: or He Held His Tongue,.a Dr. St. George's Medicine Show Radio Theatre of the Air with Ken Teutsch, Mike Prince, and Connie High
Short: The Dentist, a W.C. Fields sound short subject

Feature: Our Hospitality starring Buster Keaton
with live musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra


  • Scott Eyman, Noted author, journalist and critic
  • Eric Grayson, Film historian and collector
  • Martha Jett, documentary filmmaker and Keaton biographer
  • Brian Johnston, Documentary Filmmaker & Doctoral Candidate/Communication at Florida State
  • Hooman Mehran, Internationally recognized film historian and author
  • David Macleod, Founder of the Blinking Buzzards, a Buster Keaton Society in the United Kingdom and author of The Sound of Buster Keaton
  • Frank Scheide presented for Fred Krebs, who had a last-minute emergency and could not attend
  • John Tibbetts, PhD, Associate Professor of Film, University of Kansas

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