At the Mulvane Art Museum, Washburn University, Topeka, KS, March 2016
Art Faculty Retrospectives

Main gallery showing of pottery is an In Memoriam tribute to
Art Department Chair GLENDA TAYLOR, who was killed
in a tragic highway accident in June 2015.
Glenda's family and friends attended the show's opening, 3-19-2016.
Glenda Taylor ceramics exhibit, Mulvane Art Center, Washburn University, March 2016South wall, Glenda Taylor exhibit
East and South walls, Glenda Taylor ceramic exhibitGlenda Taylor's family members discuss her work with attendees
Glenda Taylor ceramics AGlenda Taylor ceramics B

Upstairs showing is work by retired Art Department
faculty member MARYDORSEY WANLESS:
East and South walls, upstairs gallery, photographic interpretations by MaryDorsey Wanless West wall, MaryDorsey Wanless exhibit
South wall, MaryDorsey Wanless exhibit3-d mosaic by MaryDorsey Wanless
MaryDorsey (left) discusses her work with an exhibition attendee
Above : MaryDorsey (left) discusses her work with an attendee.

Evening sky as seen from Mulvane's entrance
Sunset as seen from the entrance to the Mulvane Art Museum

Event photos © 2016 by Carol Yoho
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