Parsons Arts & Crafts Fair, June 16, 2001

In the Park

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The Parsons Arts and Crafts Fair, held in Forest Park, moved from the downtown mall area in 2000 because a spring storm had damaged downtown facilities. But the fair came back to the park in 2001 because of its pleasant, shaddy fair-like atmosphere.

Arts, crafts, food, entertainment and pleasant people populated the day.

the park was lush and green in June

even the trash cans were "artzy"
Parsons kids perform on stage
part of the violin section

Arts and Crafts

wreathsgourd potsminiature cannonscannons in a variety of styleshand-carved cane heads

Craft items included a variety of handcrafted work in all shapes, sizes, colors and mediums.

Kansas writers

Billy McCray, ex-legislator with a personal story Max Yoho, humble humorist Dorothy Masters, retired nurse with a sunny disposition

Friends of Parsons Public Library
invited Kansas authors to participate in the fair affair. About a dozen authors came from across the state. Book subjects varied greatly, but all sounded interesting.


some stylish real estate was for sale Moving to Parsons? This Bed and Breakfast was for sale in June and certainly caught our eyes!

All photos © 2001 by Carol Yoho
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