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Sun rising, January 8, 2015

Plains Indians Exhibit, Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, Kansas City, Missouri

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Oldest items
Oldest object, a pipe, a sculpture of RedhornWar club, with blade projectingOtter skin bag, ca. 1800, Kansa
Two headdressesTanned leather shirt ATanned leather, porcupine quills, glass beads; probably BlackfootTanned leather shirt C

Buffalo Robes
Exhibit-goersBuffalo robeRobe, Missouri River region, ca. 1780-1825Biographical warrior art, robe, ca. 1800-1830, Central PlainsClose-up, buffalo robe

Accessories, and Stories Told in Graphics
Shield, ca. 1850, Arikara artist, North DakotaBear claw necklaceWoman's side fold dress, ca. 1800-1825, possibly Lakota or CheyenneCourting fluteGuardian Spirits cradleboard, ca. 1840, Dakota-Eastern SiouxDrawing of 100 Creatures, ca. 1830, attributed to Wacochachi, Mesquakie, IowaCarved wooden bowlCalumet Stem and Pipe Bowl, ca. 1780-1830, Upper Missouri River region, with fan of dyed eagle feathersPipe's headTwo pipe stemsHorned headdressMoccassinsPouchFeather Headdress, ca. 1865, owned by Red Cloud, Oglala LakotaHeritage drawingsOtter Effigy war club, ca. 1865, Otoe, NebraskaCourting flute, ca. 1870, Lakota artistCalumet pipe bowlCalumet stem and pipe bowl

Much Beadwork
Tabacco pouch, with beadworkBeaded bootsWoman's dress, ca. 1865, Lakota, with Venetian glass beadsMan's coat, ca. 1895, Oklahoma, and Ghost Dance Drum, ca. 1891-92, by George Beaver, PawneePouchObserving 20th century Native artHorse Mask, ca. 1900, used in Fourth of July ritualsHorse maskDrawing of war fightSun Dance painting, ca. 1890, Lakota-Teton SiouxAfraid Of Bear Kill Sitting Bull, also Sitting Bull Kill Afraid of BearSitting Bull killed, detailWar bonnetJacket with beadworkDrum, with feather decorationDying Horse effigy, ca. 1880, by Joseph No Two Horns, Lakota-Teton Sioux

Modern Cultural Items
Drawing, Braves ritualWind Spirit, ca. 1955, by Francis Blackbear Bosin Comanche-KiowaThe Last Lakota Horse Raid, 1991, sculpture by Rhonda Holy BearModern beaded pouchModern beaded bootsWar Shirt No. 1, 1998, by Bently Spang, done in mixed mediaDetail, War Shirt No. 1, 1998, by Bently SpangWounded Knee No. 3, 2001, by Arthur Amiotte Watching drawn images via videoGrandmother Gestating Father and the Washita River Runs Ribbon-Like, 1975, by T.C. Cannon, Caddo-Kiowa, OklahomaWoman's dress and accessories for competition, 2005, by Jodi Gillette

Outdoors at Nelson-Atkins
Teepee ATeepee B at Nelson-AtkinsRow of teepees on display outdoorsLooking west from east entrance, north side of Nelson-Atkins Art Museum

Nelson-Atkins East Wing
Weaving of metal wine bottle tab stripsClose-up, weaving of metal wine bottle tab stripsGift Shop display

Afternoon Adventures, Kansas City
Tower, The Plaza, Kansas City, MissouriEstate home near The Plaza, Kansas City, MissouriLunch at Cheddar's, Oak Park MallAquarium A, lunchAquarium B, lunch
Brewster bus driver
Ice Cream, Russell Stovers, Kansas City, Kansas
Looking west, sunset in Topeka upon leaving the turnpike, East Topeka

Bus trip sponsored by Brewster Place of Topeka, on Jan. 8, 2015

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