Honoring Susan Marchant, retiring from Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library, January 31, 2012
Library female staff raided Susie's closet and are wearing her sweater collection Charity Rouse, mistress of ceremonies for the party, wears Susie's Santa Claus sweaterFull house of grateful friends and associates
Susan tells ghost stories at Halloween Rob Banks tattles Jim Rhodes accompanies library choir as they honor Susan in song
Daughter, Meg, sings to Susan with James Mosher Sherry Best tattles too
Susan enjoys the featSusan, left, and Ed, right, with their son and grandchildrenFriends 1Friends 2
Susan sings along with the Topeka High school song Son, Graham, pushing mom around as a snowflake
Jim Rhodes, Susan Marchant, Warren Taylor and Jeanne Mithen, co-workers and friends

Susan Marchant retired from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library after thirty years of service to her patrons and the Topeka communtiy. Susan is a dear soul, with many true friends who wish her well in retirement!
Susan is moved to tears and Ed, right, looks on

See dozens of photos of the event, shot by library staff and stored on Flickr

All photos © 2012 by Carol Yoho
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