Post-Thanksgiving Party                  
at the Martins included                
a wonderful balloon                
magician, John Perry.              
John showed great             
agility and creativity in his work..          

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[title] Balloon Bending --big time!
Monkey hat Wide eyes Matt's hat Matt's guitar Stacie
Max wears Jayhawk hat Bum Steer Princess Balloon magician, John Perry
Maximillion tries on dragonfly hat and wings
Robin Hood hat
Jeanne wears another Jayhawk hatLove targetMax Sr. as dragonfly
Crazy hat

John Perry
Up, Up & Away!
Liberty, Missouri
and Kansas City area,
Kansas and Missouri
(816) 792-5390
Richard and his Superman cape Richard as Superman Complete Superman outfit Kate in Turkey hat
John works hard on an interactive game hatJohn demonstrated interactive hatBlazing colors.
The activity of blowing, bending, twisting, slicing and retying.
No one could resist the appeal of creativity in action—the magic of balloons.

All photos © 2005 by Carol Yoho
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