Barns Tour, October 2013, Jackson County, Kansas

Ninety travelers took two buses, touring seven barns in Jackson County, Kansas.
The trip was on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

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My dad grew up on a farm in the SE corner of Jackson County, Kansas. His great grandfather came to Kansas in 1856, shortly after the territory was opened to white settlement via homesteading.
I've played in barns with my cousins, but had not been inside a barn for decades.
This tour was great fun. Many of the barns had been newly painted on the outside, but the insides showed heavy, long use by previous generations of Kansas farmers and the tools roughness and weathered wood all stood testiment to hard work and perserverance by determined farmers.
Lunch was at Red Rock Ranch.
The Jackson County Historical Society planned and executed the tour and they did a superb job of making guests feel welcome,comfortable and entertained. People met at the Circleville Community Center at 8 AM and toured six barn sites, getting back to the Community Center about 4:15 PM.
I recommend anyone interested to watch for future barn tours!

Barn 1: Hines, Circleville — We stopped on the road but did not disembark to see these first barns.
We didn't get out of the bus for this first oneNote horse by the fence, at the left in the photo

Barn 2: Cattrell, Circleville — Loved the farm cats at this stop!
Land peeks between buildingsexteriortourists listen to barn ownerEvidence the barn was recently paintedbarn backsideold tire and old hoseweathervaneLoft roof and supportsSigns of the pull of gravityfeeding binsnewly painted barn entrance baseNew storage tankshay bale doorstopmetal toys on shelfrusty barbed wirewindmillsmall shedfarm cats

Barn 3: Davault, Circleville — This barn stood tall and proud.
tall barntree grows close to barn doorhay mow, looking eastbarn windowsiding near foundationwest end of the barnback dooranother barn, farther westthe other barnundergrowth and barn sidingmoss grows on the north sidefall vinessecond barn inside roofblue boat storage

 Barn 4: Robinson (Karns-Miller), Circleville — Much to see and explore at this farm.
bus arrivesgravity at workstorm damagebarn windowdoor latchstanchionlooking across barn interiorpailsropesold wheelsCorralcorrals for poniessmall ponyShetland poniesrelieved horseheaded toward the water tankdonkeysaddlegrinding cornshelling corn with a mechanical contraptionears of corn in pailvery large empty bottleswringer washerTom Parker and old truckold truck by the roadbroken truck windshieldserious rustrusty truck doornon-functioning wheel and tirebarn siding open to the elementsthree birds on storm damaged barn roofclose up, two birds on storm damaged barn roofsingle bird perchedvery worn shinglesbarn and side yardshed east of barnwheel spokes, metal chair and thermometerWe Don't Dial 911ducks and chickensbarn and skull boneshedge ball

Barn 5: Reischick (Springvale Farmstead), Soldier Enjoyed Betty's personal story at this stop.
tractor, in waitsouth side of barncenter hallwaychecking the view of farm fieldsmilking areaonce held cattle feedhay and axe in farm sheda look through the flooring into the hay loftCarol and wall-stuffelectric milking apparatusinterior barn doorfeeding binsListening to Betty tell her storyBetty, age 90, remembers milking by handrusty dustpanold soda bottlesinsecticidedusty gun, which Max says is a toy cap pistolother farm shedsfence post and metal sidingtracker has started a hay balelarge, heavy cast metal hookare these blackberries?view of field behind the barna view of fields and fences 

 Lunch: Red Rock Ranch, near Soldier — Enjoyed lunch at Red Rock Ranch, and had live entertainment while we ate!
entrance, Red Rock RanchRed Rock barn and restaurantsign by barn entranceenjoying a buffet lunchstuffed bobcat and pheasantskull arttop of the stairs, barn restaurantupstairs landinglooking down to first floor through a stuffed squirrel decorationmain floor squirrel decorVERY LARGE hedge treeevergreen in the gardenwildflower by the road

Barn 6: Rogers Family Barns, Soldier — The only white barn we visited. It contained my favorite loft.
The only white barn we stopped at. It has fresh paint in the front.Back side of white barn. No fresh paint.metal stanchionspulley at top center might be pulled by a horse outside the barn to move hay balesthis is the barn painter and the end of a busy day of paintingStunning view inside the loftTom Parker sits in the hay loftsun tracks floating hay debriswasp nest at the top of the loftfellow traveler peeks into the loftTom climbs down the mtal ladder, with the old wooden ladder nearbyback barncenter front of back barnbarn door is worse for wearwooden post with wireinside the smaller barnIs this jawbone bovine?More bones on the barn floorsecond view inside the smaller barnold Plymiealso an old Chevysturdy underground storm shelteriron gate and fenceposts

Barn 7: Williams Barn, Soldier — The structure of this barn will keep it standing strong for a many years.
Sturdiest barn we saw, built by a Civil War veteranside view, Williams Barntack room with saddle and briddlecentral hallway through ground floor of barnloft structure included 8x8" two-floor support beamsloft structure and ceilingceiling apparatusupper central window is circularamazing board fitting, with pegsthis set of pulleys were not in use, but sat on the floor for close inspectionbarm implementscorn shellerTom Parker sets up another artistic photo shotbarn side doorsjust outside the barnfield and wooden fencepacking tourists to head back to the Centerville Community Center

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