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Eight Topeka area authors on Saturday, March 15, 2003
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Hope’s Wife by Annette Hope Billings
– poetry/prose collection
This collection runs the gamut from somber to sensual to sublime. It captures your attention, breaks your heart and inspires you to laugh—all within the space of eighty-two pages.

About Annette: Annette Hope Billings has had work published in several literary journals and won prizes for her poems and short stories. She has written two plays and is active in theatre.

Freedom Ships by Robert D. Carey – historical fiction
ISBN 966961307
Exciting, authentic novel about freed slaves going back to Africa in 1820 to find the freedom denied them in the slavery era of America, founding a new black nation.

About Robert: Robert Carey, principal author and resident of Topeka, served 26 years in Liberia, West Africa as an educator, and brings to life this gripping chapter in American and African history.

Candidate to Kill by Tom Ellis – murder thriller
ISBN 0595130658
This political thriller, full of twists and turns, looks at the dark side of acquiring power. A district attorney with a dubious past becomes Congressman when his predecessor dies suddenly.

About Tom: Tom Ellis is a new author but an old political junkie.

Whispers Shouting Glory by Duane L. Herrmann
– poetry
His poetry explores the natural environment of the Midwest and farming, as well as the process of spiritual transformation in which each individual, and the entire planet, is now engaged.

About Duane: Duane L. Herrmann is a fifth generation Kansan. His award-winning poetry has been published internationally, including in the U.S., Canada, Wales, the Netherlands and Israel. Duane has also published prose.

When We Where Children: Growing up in Switzerland during W.W.II by Agnes Kazminski – memoir

The book is organized in short stories, telling of an ordinary Swiss family and how they struggled to get through hard war years. Agnes speaks as one of six children.

About Agnes: Agnes Sutter Kazminski came to the United States in 1970 when she married Chester Kazminski. She became an American citizen in 1982 and makes her home in Ozawkie, Kansas.

Keep on the Sunny Side of Life by Dorothy Masters
– humorous experiences ISBN 158970565

These warm, funny remembrances of life on the farm and in a nursing career were written initially for family, but Dorothy manages to entertain all readers with her joyful insights.

About Dorothy: Born in rural Eskridge, Kansas area, Dorothy spent forty years as a registered nurse. Loving and caring for others, her memoir shares the warmth and humor of her sunny disposition.

Rose’s Mountain by Sam Pierson – suspense
ISBN 073884036X
Evil things are happening on Rose’s Mountain, making her realize there is a dark side to her sunny world. Even her neighbors keep secrets behind the Christmas smell of pines.

Wind Whispers by Sam Peirson – suspense
ISBN 0972021612
Cold snow covers the tracks of strangers on this mountain, and what is this Evil swearing revenge on the innocent people living here? Keep your doors locked; you’re not safe.

About Sam: Sam is a new author, trying her hand at something she finds she loves to do: write fiction.

The Revival by Max Yoho – humorous fiction
ISBN 0970816006
In his funny and frisky debut Yoho delivers the laugh-out-loud tale of a boy who's just trying to survive his summer vacation. Baxter Black calls it, " kind of lunacy."

Tales from Comanche County: The Peculiar Education of Max Freeman by Max Yoho – humorous fiction
ISBN 0970816014
Vivid, lively tall tales are woven by crusty Great Uncle Jack and Great Aunt Tildy to keep their gullible grand nephew royally entertained. These earthy tales are warm-hearted and hilarious.

About Max: Max Yoho is a retired machinist who grew up in small Kansas towns. He served his "Huck Finn apprenticeship" along the Missouri River in Atchison, and now lives in Topeka.