Laughing Elephant artwork
Fun at the Circus
trapeze artists unicyclist
smart blond poodle act the clown was an acrobat
Cat's Act
some of the eleven tigers on display tigers jump through a hoop of fire
lion and five tigers beg
tigers on a bridge
Elephant Act
elephant laying down elephant on her elbows and knees elephants leaving the center ring
elephant rider African elephant displays her large ears elephant  balancing to turn around a stool elephant trunk
Big Top artwork
tiger artwork
Elephant Rides
between the halves, an elephant ride elephant's eye Grandma is excited about riding the elephant
Carol and Sarah ride the elephant elephants give rides after the circus performance also

© 2003 by Carol Yoho
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A trip to the Arab Shrine Circus
was a treat for Sarah and her grandparents. Dog acts, clowns, jugglers, highwire acts, trapeze acts, big cat trainers, and (Grandma's favorite) ELEPHANTS!!

There was a ringmaster, a Shriner band, cotton candy, popcorn, bright lights and excitement.

Grandma got pretty excited when she and Sarah were
treated to
their first

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