Flood,May 7, 2007, Topeka, Kansas
  • Shunganunga Creek flooded out of its banks overnight on Monday, May 7, 2007. Several neighborhoods were affects.
    Some people were rescued from their homes by boat. Some were awakened with phone calls in the night, warning them to prepare to evacuate if necessary.
    Others woke in the dark and swung their feet to the floor, only to discover their property was flooding when they stuck their feet into cold water or stepped onto soggy carpeting. Quail Creek area and Stout Elementary School areas were both hit hard.
    Several miles of walking trails along the creek from Fairlawn St. to Burlingame Rd. were also affected.
  • Temporary pond in the middle of the Frisbie Golf courseFlood waters were the result of nearly a dozen inches of rain over a May weekend
    Flood waters begin to receed along the the nature trail at Shunga CreekFairlawn overpass has high water over the bike trailSwollen waters of Shunganunga CreekBasketball floats downstream
    Quail Creek Neighborhood No. 3Town homes near Shunga CreekMultiple trash bins were set up to help residents clean upFEMA offered flood assistance to Quail Creek area neighbors

    All photos © 2007 by Carol Yoho
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